Leveraging IoT to Reduce Costs and Increase Revenue

You have a busy schedule throughout the day. Completing ‘must do’ tasks to run your business – like managing a beverage program. Poor practices, lack of insight, or insufficient systems lead to one conclusion = increased costs.

You can’t afford to have inadequate oversight. With decades of experience in hospitality and technology, we built a system leveraging new IoT capabilities. From single to multi-unit enterprises, we are with you every step of the way.

Getting Back to Business, but Short Staffed and Looking for More Cost Control? Let Us Help.

Things are looking up as our industry re-opens and works to ramp up business. It’s good to be back! However, you may be looking at ways to save time, reduce workload and costs. You still have ‘must do’ tasks to run your business like managing a beverage program, but inefficient systems lead to one conclusion = increased costs.

With decades of experience in hospitality and technology, we built a system leveraging new IoT capabilities. From single to multi-unit enterprises, we are with you every step of the way. With potential staffing issues you may already be facing, our system will help you reduce time spent on inventory, supplier ordering and other tasks related to your beverage program. We understand your needs and are ready to help.

  Increased Profitability Through the Beverage Metrics System

Inventory Management

Tracking your beverage inventory has never been easier. Avoid inaccurate and inefficient old methods and reduce labor intensive tasks, by using our lightning-fast barcode scanner or your own iOS or Android device. Features include:
  • Flexible handheld/device options – our barcode scanner or your iOS or Android device – the choice is yours!
  • Scanning manufacturer barcode shows actual bottle image, thus reducing errors and significantly increasing accuracy – an industry first!
  • System seamlessly tracks manufacturer changes in bottle sizes, labels and more so you don’t have to
  • Easily start tracking your inventory from delivery including by single bottle or cases
  • Unlimited access to the continually updated Beverage Metrics Global Item database
  • Scanned a new item? Easily add any new item, new shapes, new label or more and have it available for inventory instantly.
  • Separate log in credentials for each user increases security and accountability
  • Manage inventory used for banquets and events
  • And much more…!
Beverage Metrics’ 3D Profile utilizes real bottle images and an easy-to-use slider to set bottle fill level for the most accurate inventory system in the industry.  

POS Integration

Our POS integration is optional and its functionality can be added at any time. We do however, believe it is a ‘best practice’ as staff can easily and effectively manage the variance between what inventory is used and what is accounted for in your sales (POS transactions). Enforcing POS accountability with staff is the single most effective way to grow your sales. Additionally, with our POS integration functionality added, daily sales will deplete on-hand inventory, thus maintaining a daily perpetual inventory. Features include:

  • Accurate and up-to-date perpetual inventory enables and enhances inventory ordering, spot-checking, audits and more
  • Provides variance reporting for accurate pour cost accounting (cost/sales)
  • Enhanced drink recipe capability properly depletes inventory based on the sales transactions including accounting for drink recipe substitutions, while also reducing the ongoing and time-consuming maintenance required to keep recipes updated
  • Unlimited access to our continually updated Global Recipe database can reduce time and aggravation
  • Configure ingredient types that default to well items for convenience and save time
  • Flexible architecture allows us to easily work with any POS system
  • Click here to see what System Integrations we have set up today.
  • And much more…!
POS integration helps to pinpoint variances in your inventory that are costing you money

Supplier Ordering

Each item in your inventory can be configured to have Par (Max) and Order Point (Min) amounts. As inventory is depleted through physical inventories and/or POS transactions (if integrated), the system proactively tracks items that fall below their Order Point, thus providing a simple, easy and fast way to check on, order or manage all your orders. Features include:
  • Keep track of all your supplier partners (including by item) including specific information for each like contact name, number, email, tax rate and any special ordering instructions
  • Click on our ‘Suggested Orders’ tool and order amounts, by item and by supplier are prepared for your review and submittal to each supplier(s). P. Os. can easily be sent to one or many suppliers by email right from our system.
  • Ability to add substitutions to a P. O. when receiving new inventory. System can also help you receive and track promotional bottles when receiving.
  • System allows you the option (if needed) to close an incomplete P. O. on an order-by-order basis saving you time and trouble from logging back into the system at a later date
  • And much more…!
Save staff time and costs by optimizing your inventory with our Supplier Ordering capabilities

Actionable Reporting Increases Profitability

Digging through endless reports and mounds of data is time consuming and inefficient. Today’s powerful IoT tools enable us to provide full financial and detailed accounting of your inventory. Features include:
  • Reduce costly overstocking errors by seeing what you should be ordering versus actual orders
  • Instantly know beverage cost percentage
  • Having a perpetual inventory allows you to uncover the variances between a physical inventory and what was sold – POS (integration needed), thus saving you money
  • Track top sellers and slow movers and optimize your offerings
  • Easily access all inventory, who and when the inventory was taken, giving you full transparency and staff accountability
  • Flexible reporting tool allows for a variety of personalized views including showing/hiding the columns you want to see, in what order you want and robust search capabilities
  • And much more…!


On the Horizon...

With inventory management in place, you will soon be able to achieve real-time, perpetual inventory when you add one of our patented, wireless tracking devices to each bottle. That’s automated inventory updated every time staff pours an ounce. Features will include:

  • ‘Universal’ wireless device works on any bottle size providing 100% coverage of bar inventory and instant counts
  • Every ounce poured automatically updates your inventory
  • Low maintenance – unlike pour spouts, you do not have to wash our device or replace your current spouts
  • System provides value whether the container is open or not, while competitor ‘spout’ systems only work once a bottle is opened
  • Checks to make sure recipes are being followed
  • Alert sent when inventory levels by bottle/brand/spirit are low
  • Alert sent if sensor is removed from a bottle at the bar, but pour history for the bottle suggests there is still liquid left
  • Track shrinkage by reconciling pours to POS transactions
  • Overpours/underpours identified so that drink quality can be improved
  • And much more…!


Our system proactively provides key data where and when you need it

Easy Installation

The Beverage Metrics system is designed to be self-installed with limited need and involvement from busy IT resources. Our workflow design is simple and easy-to-use so you and your team can be up and running right away. Click here to see what System Integrations we have set up today.