All-New Beverage Management System: Decrease Costs and Increase Profits

Setting the New Standard for

Beverage Management

Certain you have problems including unacceptable waste and high costs in your beverage program? With the most advanced system in the industry, we can decrease time required and increase transparency through a higher level of automation and improved processes throughout your operational workflow. Let us help you reduce costs and increase profitability.

Inventory Management

Tracking all your beverage inventory has never been easier, faster or more powerful. Use our handheld barcode scanner for lightning fast and accurate inventory. That’s increased accuracy in less time allowing your staff to work on other tasks. Or use your own mobile device with our iOS or Android apps. Leveraging new Internet of Things (IoT) technology has pushed us passed the competition with the most advanced and complete system in the industry. We have been able to take giant steps forward in tracking and managing your inventory, while controlling your costs. Let us show you today. Click here to learn more.


Supplier Ordering

Taking a physical inventory and integrating your daily sales allows you to leverage our ‘Supplier Ordering’ capabilities. These features make it easy to keep your inventory up-to-date. Our automated recommended purchase order creation is fast, reducing time spent by staff in creating orders. Our system spans from manually creating an order through to instant ‘one-click’ ordering with your approval and many options in between. Click here to learn more.

Actionable Reporting

Pinpointed problem identification is one of the key benefits of using Beverage Metrics. Our system pushes forward specific, actionable information that quickly tells you what’s wrong and needs to be corrected. No need to spend valuable time in front of a computer, pouring over volumes of data and charts (though we have that too!). It’s why decreasing costs and increasing revenue is foundational to what we do. Click here to learn more.

On the Horizon

Many beverage systems start and stop with taking inventory. You need it, but it’s not enough. The Beverage Metrics system will soon let you know what’s on hand any time, 24/7. How? We are adding capabilities that include an all-new wireless device that can be placed on your bottles for automated pour monitoring. As drinks are poured, inventory is instantly updated. You will be able to zero in on overpours, helping you to reduce costs and improve service quality.

Contact us know if you would like to be updated when this functionality is launched. 

Want to Learn More or Get Started Right Away?

Click to schedule a call or request more information. The Beverage Metrics system is designed to be self-installed with limited need and involvement from busy IT resources. Our workflow design is simple and easy-to-use so you and your team can be up and running right away. That’s how you harness the power of building a solution in the age of IoT.

Stop wondering about your high beverage costs and start taking control today. At Beverage Metrics we agree – Every Drink Counts!