Beverage Metrics is an exciting IoT startup, with multiple patents for monitoring liquor pours in bars and restaurants. We have spent several years perfecting our hardware solution and are now in the process of building the full application and server stack from the ground up. Join us and you will not be bored writing reports for financial systems or doing maintenance programming for large enterprise systems. You will be part of a small, cross functional team that is talented, creative, and excels at delivering quality software to restaurants, bars and hotels worldwide.

We also don’t think that the best way to collaborate is to force you to work in a large room with no walls and lots of distraction. We will come together when synergy is needed and otherwise collaborate online. We’re a Denver-based company, so will be looking primarily for talent in the area but can possibly make an exception for the right candidate (but you’ll miss out on beverage-Friday).


Full Stack Developer

What you’ll do here

  • Develop an exciting IoT software solution that leverages our patented hardware
  • Work on the primarily on the backend and database, with input on the entire software stack
  • Contribute to the architectural direction of the product, while reporting directly to the CTO
  • Be part of a small, cross-functional agile team, working to continually improve the process
  • Work in Azure DevOps, SQL Server, C#/.NET backend

What we’re looking for

  • Self-starter who gets up in the morning thinking about solutions to problems
  • Ability to collocate on a weekly basis, but work remote from the comfort of your home office
  • Ability to work independently, participate in daily standups and collaborate through MS Teams
  • Write lean, clean code with proper exception and resource handling
  • Build a performant, scalable application


  • 3+ years experience writing server-side applications using ASP.NET/MVC and/or ASP.NET Core
  • 2+ years experience with ORM like Entity Framework Core, and EF migrations
  • Ability to write standard joins in SQL and LINQ syntax
  • Proficient in Git
  • Experience in Azure DevOps
  • Write and execute unit tests
  • Manage time and nail sprints
  • Extra points for mobile app development experience with Xamarin and/or Cordova

Competitive salary, benefits and unrivaled work environment. As long as you are delivering, we will be as flexible as possible.