Our Story

Beverage Metrics was born in 2004 from a desire to put the latest technologies to work on the world of beverage management. And it was (and remains) a world with many problems: Unmanageable losses from theft and overpouring, guesswork ordering and little transparency into daily operations, to name a few.

The ownership team’s experience in the hospitality industry showed them there was no good tech solution. So they set out to create a system that would enable modern management of beverage operations in restaurants, hotels, bars and other hospitality businesses.

The technology of 15 years ago was not up to the task, though, relying on RFID to transmit the data on measures pours. Now, on the fourth iteration of the system, technology has caught up, enabling Beverage Metrics to meet those original goals with a system that leverages the Cloud, the Internet of Things and other innovations.