AccuBar Founders Tapped to Lead Beverage Metrics

Beverage Metrics started in 2010 with the desire to build technology for the hospitality industry and a goal of removing inefficiencies beginning to cripple the industry. Unmanageable losses from theft and overpouring, guesswork ordering and little transparency into daily operations only scratched the surface. It was a monumental task that the team was up for, but the technology, not so much.

Fast forward to the end of the decade and IoT technology, cloud computing and other innovation tools started coming clearer into view. Technologies that could keep up with the team’s original goal and so much more. Only this time, the missing piece was the expertise needed to pull it all together. But that was about to change.

Enter the Grimm brothers, Dan and Dean, co-founders of AccuBar, the leading beverage management system throughout the last decade. It was AccuBar that first mixed beverage management with advanced technologies ahead of their time like cloud services and the software as a service model. Over the years, the team would grow their business working with over 2,000 clients across North America and the Caribbean creating a system that would enable modern management of beverage operations in restaurants, hotels, bars and other hospitality businesses.

Now the brothers Grimm are at it again. After having sold AccuBar in 2016, Dan was approached by Beverage Metrics to help take their business to the next level. The team would soon need someone to leverage today’s IoT technology tools and apply them to beverage management. Dan naturally turned to his brother Dean to lead this advanced technology team. It would be the Grimm brothers at it again. Dan and Dean couldn’t wait to leverage what they had learned over the past twenty years. The good, the bad and the ugly. A rare opportunity to reimagine how they would tackle the unique challenges confronting the beverage industry. And a chance to help create and shape a next generation offering with a product they believe will revolutionize how beverages are managed in the next decade. All with technologies that did not exist the first time around.

We invite you to join us along this new journey. One designed to make things easier for you, with stops along the way that include waste and cost reduction, increased revenues and greater efficiencies. Technology is catching up to the Grimms now, as imagining what they could do has been replaced with look what they’ve done. We are leaders in this industry with a laser focus meant to provide you, the operator, with improved profits and many, many more years of successful business. We have and always will be a company dedicated to enabling you to make the best, most informed decisions and providing you with the tools necessary to be as efficient and as profitable as you can. If you believe technology can significantly help your business, but have hesitated to jump on board, let’s us lead you to the possible. Let us show you that…Every Drink Counts!