AccuBar Founders Tapped to Lead Beverage Metrics

Dan and Dean Grimm, brothers and co-founders of AccuBar, the industry’s leading beverage management system with over 2,000 clients across North America and the Caribbean, have joined forces with Beverage Metrics. 

A few years after selling AccuBar in 2016, Dan was approached by Beverage Metrics to help drive their business to the next level. Dan accepted their challenge and turned to Dean to lead an advanced technology team. Working together again, they have seized the rare opportunity to shape a next generation offering and revolutionize how beverages are managed in the next decade. 

Originally founded in 2010, Beverage Metrics started with the desire to build technology for the hospitality industry and a goal of removing inefficiencies that were crippling the industry. Unmanageable losses from theft and overpouring, guesswork ordering and little transparency into daily operations were just a few of the issues disrupting the industry. 

With decades of experience, the highly motivated Beverage Metrics team is developing a system that will help decrease costs, increase revenue, provide greater efficiencies and ultimately make things easier for operators.  They are a group of industry veterans dedicated to enabling operators to make the best, most informed decisions and providing them with the tools necessary to be as efficient and as profitable as they can. If you believe technology can significantly help your business, but have hesitated to jump on board, let the Beverage Metrics team help lead you through the next decade and show you that…Every Drink Counts!