Beverage management for today's world

Beverage Metrics marshals cloud computing, the Internet of Things and the latest in technology to deliver the beverage-monitoring solution for a hospitality world that craves more efficiency and transparency in its operations. Our pour-monitoring system delivers:

Pour Monitoring

Wireless pour monitoring of alcoholic beverages using IoT technology. Are your bartenders overpouring? We will also update your perpetual inventory in real time based on these pours.

Inventory Management

A fast, easy and accurate way to count your liquid assets. You will be able to use ruggedized mobile computers with high speed barcode scanners or your own mobile device to perform your counting needs.


Integrating with your POS will provide another layer of control by matching up pours to sales and identifying the differences.


Monitor the pours on each banquet bar and provide simple, accurate reporting for your customers.

Ease of Use

Our workflow-centric design is intuitive and enables users to get up-to-speed quickly.

Simple self-installation

No on-site installation technicians or trainers needed.