increase your bottom line

Immediately raise your bottom line by up to 25%. Join the growing number of restaurants and bars increasing profits by implementing The Total Inventory Liquor Tracking Solution (TILT). Our award-wining system will simplify and improve your inventory process and reduce labor costs by eliminating the task of counting bottles by hand while giving you more accountability of your inventory. 

TILT's full inventory control system allows you to monitor every drop in real-time with the advanced wireless sensors that fit securely on wine and liquor bottles, with or without pour spouts. It even monitors beer taps. Save on revenue lost from over-pouring, spillage, unauthorized free drinks and employee theft resulting in over 7 billion dollar loss annually. TILT solution is the solution for full inventory control. 

Immediately raise your bottom line

Save valuable time by eliminating the task of counting bottles by hand

Monitor location, brand and volume of pours

Sensors never touch alcohol

The award-winning system will simplify and improve your inventory process

Improve quality and service with less stock-outs, less check mistakes and better recipe adherence.

Get Banquet event reports

Cloud-based monitoring

Join the growing number of outlets lowering their numbers by implementing this system

Sensors have battery life of over two years.

View real-time chart, print out reports, get text message alerts and export the data to Excel

Full Tap Beer Tracking